The New Appeals Organisation
for the City and County of Nottingham
Registered charity no. 502196

Dedicated to helping local groups and individuals who have nowhere else to go.about-us

Who are we?

A committee of people dedicated to helping those locally, in genuine need that are unable to obtain assistance from any other source.


Nearly 40 years ago Sybil Levin OBE formed The New Appeals Organisation after the Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services changed their operation and instituted a paid ‘full-time’ fund raiser. Sybil and her friends and colleagues wanted to continue to help ‘the little people’; it was felt that once the service became too big, some people would get lost or left behind.

The NAO wanted to become a type of safety net to catch people who were simply too small and would fall through the net of bureaucracy.

Today we have some of the founder members of the original committee still serving as ‘members’, either actively on the committee or as Vice Presidents & Trustees.

We, today’s committee are proud to continue the work started back in the 70’s helping the ‘little people’.